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Bespoke Painted Collection

Each detail of The Painted Collection exudes quality craftsmanship.
The palette is essentially natural, a considered mix of earthy hues, gentle creams and some stronger tones for contrast.
Each colour will work alone or mixed with others. The lighter, harmonising tones create a well balanced look, with the darker shades deliberately drawn from tried and tested heritage colours. This flexible paint range allows you to create your own unique look.

  Broadoak Cranberry   Denis Holmes Kitchens - Broadoak Linen   Denis Holmes Kitchens - Cornell Blue   Denis Holmes Kitchens - Cornell Willow  
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Denis Holmes Kitchens - Eden Painted

  Denis Holmes Kitchens - Milton Charcoal   Denis Holmes Kitchens - Milton Damson   Denis Holmes Kitchens - Milton Suede  

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